What is epigenetics?

Epigenetic testing: the smartest way to take care of yourself

Thousands of people around the world are taking epigenetic tests to optimize their health, identify risks and prevent disease.

 Get your epigenetic test to learn more about your health and take the right steps to improve it.



Much more than just buying an epigenetics test

The results of an epigenetic test are comprehensive and reliable, but… they are not useful on their own. The high value of the test is completed by the correct interpretation of the report and the elaboration of the action plan by professionals.

 Our team offers you a careful and close service, guiding you to improve and adjust your diet. Thanks to the test, we can help you improve your health, control your weight, increase your energy, prevent diseases, optimize your physical and intellectual performance, and much more.

 With the test results, we will provide you with personalized recommendations that are unique to you, because each of us is unique, with a specific biology and genetics.

What will you get?

Nutritional recommendations to improve and adjust your diet, with details of the nutrients your body needs and the foods to avoid.

Guidelines to follow to improve the functioning and condition of your metabolic, cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems.

Information on how environmental pollution, electromagnetic fields and other aspects of your lifestyle affect your health.


Benefits of epigenetic testing

Epigenetic testing is available for everyone, from children to seniors. Here are some of the benefits:

  •  Ability to accurately reveal metabolic imbalances and weaknesses of which we are unaware.
  • Panoramic and biological vision of our health over a given period of time.
  • Visualization of specific imbalances
  • 100% personalized nutritional recommendations
  • Explanation and possible solutions to your problem


You will receive the complete kit with all the elements you need to extract the sample for testing at the address you indicate.


The epigenetic test technology is based on quantum physics and scientific knowledge. The report offers 96 indicators about your condition, with all the rigor of a genetic test.


Receive your test at home and complete the process without leaving your home. For your convenience, we’ve simplified the process to the maximum, making it easy to improve your well-being.

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