Our team helps you unlock the information in your genes

We are not what we eat, but what we absorb.

 Each organism absorbs nutrients differently. The Epigenetic Test will show you how to optimize your overall performance, cognitive abilities and well-being.



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Do you feel tired?

There are certain nutrients that your body cannot produce. That’s why it’s important to know which ones you need to consume so you don’t have deficiencies and jeopardize your well-being.


A diet for everyone

Whether you like to take care of your diet, or you need to take care of your health for some reason, or you are an athlete, our team can define what is best suited to your needs and your phenotype.

 The test allows you to know the list of foods according to your goals, with recommended meals based on your bioinformation, a list of foods to avoid and to consume.

 You will know the foods that have a negative effect on your body. What is known as food sensitivity refers to the body’s inability to assimilate certain components of food.

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Discover your body’s priorities

The report shows you a list of foods that stress your digestive system and additives that you should avoid to optimize your performance, absorption and reduce the overall stress they cause in your digestive system.

 It also includes a summary of the body systems (cardiovascular, hormonal, emotional, immune, etc.) to which we need to pay special attention.


Get a complete analysis

We will use your bioinformation to create nutritional recommendations that take into account your body’s needs and your personal goals for wellness, weight, health and detoxification.

 We will send you the results of your test and you can schedule an appointment with our team to learn what your results mean.

Experience the positive benefits

The results report provides relevant information to optimize your health. It highlights the key systems that need to be prioritized based on what your body needs or what needs to be changed.

This test includes all nutritional information, microbial opportunism and toxicity situations, food sensitivities and additives that should be discontinued.

It provides a report of potential biological and nutritional needs that may be hidden in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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