Personal data protection

Personal data protection

Protection of personal data (RGPD – EU Regulation 2016/679 and LOPDGDD 3/2018).

Data controller: Accionhoy CB.

Purpose of the data: No data will be transferred to third parties. The purpose is to respond to your request or query or to send you related information about news if you give your consent.

Rights: At any time you can exercise your right to limit, recover and delete your data by sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What science supports epigenetics?

Epigenetics is a field of biology. It studies the changes that activate or inactivate genes without changing the DNA sequence due to age and exposure to environmental factors (diet, exercise, drugs and chemicals). These changes modify disease risk and are sometimes passed from parents to offspring.

The term epi means above. It is a Greek prefix. It is also defined as above the DNA base sequence. Roughly speaking, it can be compared to word accents, where DNA is the language and the modifications are the accents.

Epigenetic marks alter the way genes are expressed. The promise of epigenetics is that it tells us about the cell, it is a way of defining the cell that is different from simply looking at genes.

The most typical example to understand this would be monozygotic twins: they have the same DNA, but they can be different, and most importantly, they can have different diseases.

Your test will give us clues to optimize your health.

What is an epigenetic test?

It is a study that uses a few strands of your hair to tell us about your health based on your genes (DNA).

How much does an epigenetic test cost?

Your first test costs €149, the second €119 if taken between 90 and 120 days after the first test. The third and subsequent tests cost €99.

 It is advisable to have an epigenetic test every 90-120 days. This guide to your health will keep you focused on your lifestyle for prevention and improvement, ideally every 3 months.

Can I only have one test?

Of course, but in order to see the changes, we recommend that you repeat the test after 90 days.

 We have a team of experts who you can book a private online appointment with. They will interpret your test results and help you take immediate action on what your genes are telling you.

 This will take between 50 minutes and an hour of your time. This service is an additional option you can choose (or not) when you purchase your test.

How long does it take to receive my test after purchase?

Between 5 and 9 working days, depending on whether or not the delivery period includes a weekend.

Why do we use hair as a biomarker?

Because science has shown that the hair bulb accumulates homeostatic and epigenetic information over time. Using biotechnology, we can obtain precise information on gene expression. This reflects metabolic processes with complete clarity.

Is there any risk associated with the test?

No, this is a completely safe, non-invasive test and there is no risk to your health and/or safety.

Does the test involve any risks?

The test results provide an insight into your nutritional, metabolic and emotional state, the level of exposure to radiation and toxins, and the state of your microbiota, thanks to the digitization of the information stored in your hair bulb.

 The test gives us information on 96 biomarkers that allow us to know your organic state very precisely. We use this information to create your wellness optimization plan.

 Our aim is to help you improve, but also to anticipate and prevent.

Can the epigenetic test be used to find out if I have a food allergy or intolerance?

No, the purpose of the test is not to detect food intolerances or diseases.

 The test will give you a list of foods that match your goals, as well as those that stress your digestive system. This will help you optimize your body’s absorption of nutrients.

How long will it take to get the test results?

Between 48 and 96 hours after we receive your hair sample. Remember that you can always call us if you have any questions.

Why is the plan 90 days?

Because changes in the body do not happen overnight, it is necessary to allow some time to pass. It has been found that we can achieve visible changes every 90 days. This is achieved by making adjustments using the instructions we will give you. That’s why it’s important to start as soon as possible – take action today!